Fuel Price Risk Management

Protect Your Profits. 
Amid unpredictable fuel prices, take control of fluctuating fuel prices.
 Fuel prices are going to be volatile, but your company does not have to risk your budget with potentially higher energy costs. 
Let The SoCo Group tailor a Fuel Risk Management program to fit your specific needs.

We offer a variety of Fuel Risk Management options so you have the ability to forecast, plan, and budget:

  • Fixed Price Contracts: Guarantee your supply fuel purchases at a predetermined price
  • Cap Program: Buy at a lower price and never pay more when prices increase
  • Collar Program: Establish a maximum and minimum price you will pay over the delivery period. Customers pay the current market price; but will neither pay more than maximum nor less than the minimum over delivery period

Take advantage of our Risk Management Program today.


Matt Davis, Vice-President of Supply and Trading
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