Passenger Car Motor Oil

Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO)

The SoCo Group flies the Valvoline flag as our primary Passenger Car Motor Oil (PCMO) line of oils and lubricants.
In addition to Valvoline, we also offer a full line of Chevron PCMO products as well as our own line of PCMO products, which we call Power Source.

The SoCo Group ranks as one of the largest Valvoline distributors on the West Coast.

SoCo offers:

  • Senior Sales Reps to help our customers determine the right product and program for their operations
  • Branding opportunities utilizing the Valvoline name and image
  • Unique Volume Incentive Programs for our customers
  • A complete range of inventory of all Valvoline products, including filters

The SoCo Group also provides a full line of Chevron PCMO products and programs.  As a 1st Source Distributor, The SoCo Group has access to all of Chevron’s top programs and offerings.

Finally, The SoCo Group offers our own house brand of motor oils and greases – Power Source.  This brand meets all required specifics and is an attractive alternative to those seeking a non-branded motor oil or lube.



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