Overwater Fueling

SoCo delivers fuel by way of truck to marine vessels in San Diego Harbor and Mission Bay.

San Diego HarborWith SoCo’s many years of experience, we maintain a high safety rating for overwater fueling.

We serve Harbor Cruise Ships, Mega Yachts, Fishing Boats, and Research Vessels.

SoCo has a very good safety rating. In fact, many organizations, like the Department of Fish and Wildlife, have used SoCo as a point of reference in their training.

SoCo regularly attends trainings with the Coast Guard and carries the Coast Guard Certificate of Inspection.

SoCo satisfies the following Marine fueling requirements:Luna in Marina

  • United States Coast Guard approved Operations Manual – reviewed annually with the Coast Guard
  • California Fish and Wildlife approved Mobile Facility Response Plan – with annual tabletop drill (emergency response training)
  • Port of San Diego Tidelands Use and Occupancy Permit – required for deliveries in San Diego Harbor
  • San Diego Fire Permits and Annual Inspections- required for all marine delivery sites
  • California State Lands Commission conducts annual inspections of SoCo training records, marine delivery notifications and fueling documents

Those SoCo personnel involved in marine deliveries: managers, dispatchers and drivers – all have received extensive marine operations and emergency response training.

Allow us the opportunity to conveniently serve you on the water!

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