Carry the SoCo Fuelcard!

Your SoCo Cardlock is welcome and accepted at most major truck stops (i.e. Pilot, Love, TA Truck Stops, and Flying J) as well as everywhere you see a CFN or Fuelman logo.

One card does it all.

We offer the security of:Fleetwide_Cards

  • Fueling sites are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • More than 45,000 sites from coast-to-coast
  • High-speed diesel pumps for fast fill-ups
  • All grades of diesel and gas
  • Red-dyed diesel available at select locations for off-road equipment – Tax savings for a better bottom line
  • PIN based card program
  • Card Profiling allowing daily gallon limitations and fuel restrictions
  • Day of week and time of day restrictions
  • E-receipt: Immediate notification when and where a card is used
  • 24 hour customer service

CFN Fleetwide Site Locator

CFN Cardlock Sites Only: CFN Only cards provide the highest level of security. Gallon limits, fuel types, fuel times, and transactions per day are closely monitored.

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CFN Cardlock plus CFNnet Sites Only: Allows drivers to fuel at all CFN Cardlock & CFNnet sites. CFNnet sites do not always recognize card restrictions such as fuel type.  The SoCo Group offers several types of Fleetwide (CFN) Cardlock combinations to give you the greatest level of security and flexibility to meet all your fuel card needs. We can combine and customize your Fleetwide cards to meet your specific requirements.

Fleetwide Cards: Fleetwide Cards work at all CFN Cardlock, CFNnet & Fuelman accepting sites.These cards are accepted at over 45,000 locations nationwide.

All card access types are available in:

  • Single Card- by driver or vehicle
  • Floating PIN- Card issued to vehicle and each driver has a unique PIN number.


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