The SoCo Group proudly offers one of the industry’s most customer-friendly loaned equipment programs.
We work with the following equipment manufacturers to insure high quality products at a reasonable price:

Adel Wiggins Group-
Specializes in providing engineered solutions for transfer of fuel, hydraulic, and lubrication products.

Supplies quality lubrication systems and equipment to meet the needs of numerous industries.

Cim-Tek Filtration-
The worldwide leader in filter technology for the petroleum, industrial, agricultural, bio-fuel and HVAC markets.

Containment Solutions, Inc.-
Provides unsurpassed storage and the handling of hazardous and non-hazardous, flammable and combustible fluids, including Ethanol.

Supplies above-the-ground storage tanks designed to store petroleum products including gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, oils, and other related products such as ethanol and methanol.

Delta Consolidated Industries, Inc.-
Provides durable, weather-resistant and innovative storage solutions for trucks and job sites by utilizing cutting-edge technology and state-of-the-art materials.

Manufactures the most dependable, durable, and rugged comprehensive product line of chemical and fuel transfer products.

FPP Meters-
The leader in the Pump, Filtration, and Liquid Handling needs of many diverse industries ranging from everyday maintenance to highly specialized applications and customized manufacturing.

The worldwide leader in fluid handling in the Industrial/Automotive Division- provides equipment in four areas of application: sealant and adhesives, process, liquid finishing and protective coatings.

Product line includes a variety of unleaded fuel, diesel fuel, and high-speed nozzles, high quality and high volume nozzles for farm, and general service and service station fuel delivery.

Lincoln Industries-
Provides single-line, dual-line, progressive, and other lubrication systems, general lubrication products, grease fittings and accessories, and heavy-duty pumps.

OPW Fuel Management Systems-
Delivers product excellence and offers the most comprehensive line of fueling equipment and services to retail and commercial fueling operations.

Zee Line-
Manufactures lubrication equipment that features a special group of oil and grease dispensing and handling equipment.


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